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Well to the core

How do we embed wellness in the core business of what we do?

How can we translate our aspirations and promises into meaningful action for our teams?

NHS Improvement have outlined their "Eight high impact actions to improve the working environment for junior doctors":

1. Tackling work pressure

2. Promoting rest breaks and safe travel home

3. Improved access to food and drink 24/7

4. Better engagement between trainees and board

5. Clearer communication between trainees and managers

6. Rotas that promote work-life balance

7. Rewarding excellence

8. Wellbeing, support and mentoring

At You Got This, we apply these principles to the whole team, from doctors to nurses, to porters, to receptionists. We think a commitment to making wellness part of the core business of healthcare needs to come from the top down. Over the coming months we'll be sharing some of our ideas with you, from positive incident reporting, to our ABC of handover. In the meantime, feel free to explore our online resources and introduce some wellness to the core of your team too.

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