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Thanking your team

“Thanks team, sleep well” you say at handover, to the exhausted-looking night shift before they head home to bed. Of course you’re grateful to your team mates who have held the fort overnight, providing care to patients when the rest of the team are at home, tucked up in bed. They deserve every bit of recognition and gratitude they get because what they do is truly amazing.

But what about all the other opportunities to thank our colleagues? Why don’t we say “thank you” more often? What stops us?

Some would say, we’re all just doing our jobs, why do we need to say thank you to our colleagues for that? It’s embarrassing!

Others might say, it sounds so fake, saying thank you every five minutes…”thanks for doing that, thanks for doing this”. Save gratitude for those times when you really mean it – after an heroic performance in resus, after someone stays way over the end of their shift.

But the benefits of saying thank you to your colleagues are myriad. “Meaningful recognition” involves genuinely acknowledging what a person did and how their actions made a difference in the lives of others. It makes people feel happier, they are more productive, they enjoy their work more, you enjoy your work more! If you’re interested, read more here. And I’ll bet you start saying thanks more often!

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