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You Got This begins today

An exciting day today for UK medicine and wellness as we finally put 'pen to paper' about the importance of Wellness in our programme You Got This. We must do a better job of looking after our staff and each other if we are going to sustain people in (emergency) medicine and the amazing care they provide to patients.

And so here begins our journey to provide the resources, the activities, the community of support and the platform to better care for the physical, mental, spiritual and personal wellbeing of our staff in emergency medicine. Because our patients and our families and our friends need us to be as healthy, as happy, as motivated and as positive as we can be.

It is not all easy going in the NHS and for front line emergency staff in particular things can be tough. The debate about 'resilience' continues and lots of discussion about whether it is 'the system' or the staff that we should be trying to 'toughen up.' But You Got This is not really about that. This is a collective coming together in our teams to say we need to care about ourselves and each say "You Got This."

Even more than providing the 'psychological first aid' required when staff are at a low ebb, we need to be on the front foot when it comes to actively promoting a continuous process of good health, support and feeling good about what we do. We hope You Got This will help.

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