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Why our 'ED Family' Matters at Christmas and New Year

Working in paediatric emergency medicine is not like any other job. Whilst everybody is preparing stockings and having a tipple on Christmas Eve, some of us will be working. Whilst everybody is tucking into a December 25th Christmas dinner, some of us will be working. Whilst everybody is pouring champagne on New Year's Eve, some of us....well you get the picture. The point is that we need the teams in which we work in emergency medicine. Not just for looking after our patients and families, but importantly too for looking after each other.

It is New Year's Eve tonight and I am at work. And whilst I would dearly love to be at home with my family, I am reminded of the fact that there is a certain pleasure and undoubtedly a privilege in being at work with my 'ED Family.' We need to nurture and cherish the relationships we have at work and we need to look out for our colleagues and friends at work, just as we would with our relatives at home. This is especially important over the winter holidays. So let's take stock of the simple truth that we need our ED family not just for clinical care, but for our own Wellness. We should raise a glass to that for we are fortunate indeed to have a team with whom we can work, laugh, cry and be together. Especially so at this time of year.

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