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There are few things worse than being told to do something because it’s good for you. I don’t think anything irritates me more. I’m likely to say ‘OK...” and just never do it. So, before we even begin, I don’t want to write a blog asking you to do some mindfulness stuff ‘because it’s good for you’, even though it is. I want to let you know about it in case you find it useful. We commonly use the word ‘invite’, so I invite you to practice some mindfulness sometimes and as with any invitation, you can politely (or not so politely) decline. So, in case you don’t know of me (what?!), I’m a health Psychologist. I currently work in a medical school teaching medical students and Physician Associa

Golden circles: the ‘Power of Why' in the NHS at 70

The Golden Circle was made famous by Simon Sinek, an author, motivational speaker and marketing consultant. His TED talk “How great leaders inspire action” has more than 38 million views. The essence of the theory is that people are good at focusing on the ‘How’ and the ‘What’ of what they want to do. But they often neglect the ‘Why’ and it is this component that inspires people, captures the imagination, engenders loyalty and creates a movement. The ‘Why’ is the deeply held beliefs for why an individual or group are starting or running a business or organisation. My You Got This partner, Dr Becky Thorpe and I recently attended some health innovation training from the West of England Academi

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