Wellbeing Chargers and Drainers

Using the analogy of a battery on a phone that drains and we need to recharge is how I like to think about each aspect of Wellbeing. We often are aware when our phone is on red and needs to be plugged in. How often do we do a battery check for our own reserves? Traditionally we often think of ourselves as ‘draining’ reserves at work and ‘recharging’ at home. This however doesn’t enable us to function well for the whole of our working day. In reality we need to think about how we recharge through the working day to enable compassionate, high quality care from the beginning of our shift to the end. This is not well discussed in healthcare where we often try and continue to provide care when ou

Got the post holiday blues?

As the Easter holidays draw to a close for many in the UK, here at You Got This we’re coming to the end of a week away from work, and some much needed downtime. A wise friend and colleague once said “never let your annual leave come to an end without booking the next lot”. Another colleague always tells our new junior doctors at induction, “don’t save all your leave up to use in one go, spread it out over the year. You’ll need it.” Why is it so important to have time away from the jobs we love? Is it as simple as the need to catch up on sleep? Is it to escape the cognitive load of constant decision-making? Is it to spend quality time with our family and friends? Is it because getting awa

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