Thanking your team

“Thanks team, sleep well” you say at handover, to the exhausted-looking night shift before they head home to bed. Of course you’re grateful to your team mates who have held the fort overnight, providing care to patients when the rest of the team are at home, tucked up in bed. They deserve every bit of recognition and gratitude they get because what they do is truly amazing. But what about all the other opportunities to thank our colleagues? Why don’t we say “thank you” more often? What stops us? Some would say, we’re all just doing our jobs, why do we need to say thank you to our colleagues for that? It’s embarrassing! Others might say, it sounds so fake, saying thank you every five minutes…

Greater with GREATix

The embedding of incident reporting in our safety culture in emergency medicine has been a bedrock underpinning our culture of improvement and governance in recent years. We are nearly all familiar with the busy shift, when something didn't go the way we wanted for our patient and the words "I'm going to DATix that" are uttered. Ideally not as a tool for punishment, but genuinely because we feel (and hope) that this system might flag the problem in a systematic way and potentially prevent it from happening again. But how often are we thinking seriously about the things that go really well. The systems, individuals or examples that exemplify best practice, innovation or when we are at our bes

You Got This begins today

An exciting day today for UK medicine and wellness as we finally put 'pen to paper' about the importance of Wellness in our programme You Got This. We must do a better job of looking after our staff and each other if we are going to sustain people in (emergency) medicine and the amazing care they provide to patients. And so here begins our journey to provide the resources, the activities, the community of support and the platform to better care for the physical, mental, spiritual and personal wellbeing of our staff in emergency medicine. Because our patients and our families and our friends need us to be as healthy, as happy, as motivated and as positive as we can be. It is not all easy goin

Why saying "Welcome" matters...

This month we are piloting a 'You Got This' welcome programme for new staff starting in our department. The idea is simple. When you start working with us, we will send you a little something through the post with a card. We basically want to say "Welcome. We are looking forward to meeting you. We are excited about working with you." Do we need to do this? Does it matter? There are, of course, lots of ways of welcoming people to a new job and this is just one. The key point is that taking the time to welcome people to a new job or department can be important in ways that are difficult to fully quantify. Welcoming people properly makes them feel more at ease, develops a culture of warmth and

Compassion Fatigue: 'an apple a day'?

There is a little whiff of Spring in the air but the long days, dark mornings and pressures facing many in emergency departments have left many feeling tired and even exhausted. What can this tiredness do? Well it can certainly affect our physical and mental health but it can even affect our ability to be caring and compassionate. I once heard a colleague say "I don't know how it happened, but I'm not sure that I care enough any more." One of the saddest things I have heard a doctor say. Last month I came across an event taking place right here in Bristol with a talk from Lucy Maddox (Consultant Clinical Psychologist) on 'Compassion Fatigue in the Helping Professions'. We are all at risk of

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