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Alongside caring for patients nothing is more important to an emergency department than the people who work in it. The welfare of our staff is so important. The aim of Wellness is to keep people well but we all need help from time to time. You Got This is here for when you need support.  

Talk to Someone

If you are feeling low, don't know who to talk to or simply need to chat, we want to help. There are a number of options available. Whatever the option TALK to SOMEONE.

TRiM (Trauma Risk Management)

TRiM is a trauma-focused peer support system designed to help people who have experienced a traumatic, or potentially traumatic, event. We are proud to be delivering this in our ED.

Our TRiM practitioners have undergone specific training to understand the effects that traumatic events can have upon people. They are not counsellors or therapists, but understand confidentially and are able to listen and offer practical advice and assistance


TRiM originated in the UK Armed Forces and the model is based on ‘watchful waiting’, that means keeping a watchful eye on individuals who have been exposed to a traumatic event, whether that person has been directly involved or involved from afar.

Buddy system

This system is designed to make sure that no member of staff is ever without a 'go-to' person in case of a personal, emotional, physical or wellbeing problem. Staff members are allocated a buddy matched with careful consideration of context and suitability.

If you would like to know more or would like a Buddy then Contact You Got This.

Supporting our Staff When They Need Us

Illness Support


If a member of staff is off work for more than 7 days with ill health the You Got This team will contact that staff member and ask 2 simple questions:

1. "Would you like us to visit you at home?"

2. "Is there anything we can do to help you?"


Bereavement Support

All of us will lose somebody close to us at some time. If a member of staff loses a friend or relative and needs support then as a department we are here to support each other the You Got This team can be contacted and will offer 3 things:

1. A confidential chat

2. Somebody to accompany the staff member to the funeral

3. Connection to trained counselling 



Home Help

If there are problems at home we will help if we can. Whether it is problems with a boiler, financial stress, child care issues, domestic violence or anything at all going on outside work, we are a department that will help if we can. The You Got This team will offer 3 things:

1. Listen in confidence 

2. Help to advise and use You Got This resources to assist if possible

3. Connection to partners or professionals who can help

ED Wellness Leads 

Our department has 2 wellness leads who you can contact at any time to arrange a confidential chat about your wellbeing if you need any help or support. Or if you need advice on where to find further support.

Darren Heddington (Senior Charge Nurse)

Becky Thorpe (Consultant)

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