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In these pages you can find specific information and details about the You Got This programme going on in your department.

If you have 'You Got This' in your department then go to your department

If you don't have You Got This in your department you can find examples below of what You Got This looks like for healthcare staff in emergency medicine.


You also have open access to our home page resources, to some Talk to somebody resources, to our Wellness blog and to the Wellness library.

A guide to Wellness activities, support, innovations and resources for your team.


Supporting staff to engage with activities and classes to support wellbeing; Department social events; Social media engagement; 'Wellness Week'; Team & Family away weekend


Helping staff to Talk to somebody; Connecting staff to support for traumatic clinic events (TRiM); Department buddy system; ED wellness leads; 'Illness Support', 'Bereavement Support', 'Home Help'. 


Cupcake Thursdays, 'Loving Your Work' (marking work anniversaries); 'You Got This' (welcome for new staff);  'Come Back Soon' (leaving gifts); 'Happy Parenting' (maternity gifts); Message of the Month;  Positive incident reporting and rewards; SPEaC Happy staff feedback system.


Trust Staff Health and Wellbeing links; Occupational Health Services for NHS Staff; Mental health & psychological wellbeing; Relaxation, destressing, meditation, yoga; Physical wellbeing, fitness, nutrition; Art, music, poetry, literature, the outdoors; Articles on Wellness

If you can't find what you are looking for or need more help please Contact the You Got This team.

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