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We are committed to supporting the Wellness of our staff in emergency medicine. But we want to doing things differently so we can better look after ourselves and each other. 'Doing' Wellness means creating innovations to support staff properly.

'Loving Your Work'

Our staff work incredibly hard to look after patients and families. Whether you have been working with us for one year or twenty, we want you to know that we are big fans of your work. That is why every year on the anniversary of when you started working with us, we will say hi and thanks.

'You Got This'


We are delighted to welcome new staff to our team and want to extend a very warm welcome to all newcomers to our emergency medicine family. Which is why all new starters will receive a small gesture of our welcome.

'Come Back Soon'

Despite being a strong team in the ED, people will inevitably leave to move on to new adventures. We will always mark the departure of  our staff and acknowledge their hard work.

Message of the Month


The You Got This team will send out a digital Wellness message each month focused on a particular theme with updates on events or activities from the You Got This team. Message of the Month will also be posted online on the You Got This site.

Excellence Rewards 

We take good practice seriously which is why we advocate positive incident reporting - 'GREATix.'

You can read much more about Learning from Excellence here

Or read specifically about the concept of the GREATix here

Every month All of Us selects a GREATix at random and rewards the individual involved with treats to support Wellness such as vouchers for classes or wellbeing treats.

Listening to Staff. Taking Them Seriously

SPEaC Happy (HappyApp) collects feedback from staff about problems, frustrations or positive experiences as well as their work-related mood. These data are collected and collated electronically via a fixed or mobile device, allowing results to be reported on an ongoing, real-time basis. We then access and respond to share and celebrate success or to facilitate the resolution of problems.

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