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We are all busy whilst at work. Which is why it is important to be busy looking after ourselves out of work too. As part of You Got This discover what your ED can connect you to. From exercise or mindfulness to social events or a weekend away. 

Do Something

There's lots going on in through your ED to support your wellness.

Have a look here at an overview of everything going on why not just book something now?

Social events 

The department organises a series of social events for staff and everyone is welcome. From scheduled nights out, through to spontaneous get togethers and the Christmas party. You can see what's going on now or use other channels like the 'A+E Social Hub' Facebook group. Click on the icon to go there.

Wellness Week

Every year the department holds it's Wellness Week - a celebration of Wellness, a week to really think about being the best we can be and a time shout about our fantastic staff. 

Team Away Day and Family Weekend

Our department summer getaway. The whole department is invited to take part in a full team away day followed by a weekend of camping, games and fun for ED staff and their families.

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