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You Got This is the UK's first programme designed to promote Wellness and support the wellbeing of staff working in emergency medicine.

What is You Got This and what does it do?

Emergency medicine relies on a whole team working hard for patients and families and this can be emotionally and physically demanding. But how good are we at looking after each other? In the high pressure, busy, noisy environment of the department staff can be left feeling tired, stressed, unappreciated or unmotivated. Burn out and stress in emergency medicine are on the rise in the UK.


But at our best we are teams who work with passion, determination, commitment and with the joy that comes from doing our best to support the lives of the patients and families with whom we work.  In addition, as anyone who works in emergency medicine knows, it is the relationships with colleagues and the inspiring teams in which we work that sustain us and keep us strong.


You Got This is a programme of activities, support, innovations and resources to formally strengthen our team and our Wellness in emergency medicine. Whatever you need for your physical, mental or emotional health wellbeing, you can find it here. You Got This.

What is Wellness?


Wellness is much more than being healthy. It refers to a pro-active and continuous process of thinking about the whole self and improving wellbeing. It includes mental and physical health, emotional and spiritual nourishment, personal development and the need that we all have for happiness and fulfilment in our working lives.

Importantly Wellness should not merely be about reacting to problems but should be about keeping us well. The Work Health Organisation defines Wellness as "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Who are we?

We are you. We are doctors, nurses and emergency department staff who care about Wellness and want to see better support for staff. We know that it is only by looking after eachother better that we can better look after our patients.

How can we do what we do?


We rely on the hard work and dedication of the whole team. But we are also grateful for the help and support that this programme and our department as a whole receives from the Grand Appeal.

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